Things to do in London


It's time to love the Barbican

A maze of 21 residential blocks and a world-renowned arts centre, London’s Barbican was designed as a radical solution to urban living – but only now, 50 years after building started on the residences, is the world fully coming to appreciate it. An update by the author.

Cry Freedom in Hoxton

Let’s All Be Free returns for a third year with a programme of short films, performances and workshops taking place in October.

Je ne t'aime pas Croydon

A newspaper in France branded Croydon a ‘dull and monotonous’ suburb after its journalists were sent there to cover the games of their national team in the Rugby World Cup.

New Newham

East London’s £3.5bn plan for ‘Meatpacking District’ in Docklands gets go-ahead

Routed Master

When Mayor Boris Johnson said that, after spending millions of pounds, the design of the new RouteMaster busses would belong to the taxpayers of London, he surely meant it belongs to the bus building company.

Hidden from Prying Eyes

Private Eye has logged 100,000 land titles in the UK attached to tax avoidance jurisdictions. Check out your neighbourhood.

Tosh 3.0

Penny Dreadful Theatre brings you the life of the tosher: the sewer workers of Victorian London

Disconnected Croydon rat run

The good news was: Croydon closed Norbury Avenue to cars in favour of cycles as a test for a ‘quietway.’ The bad news is: the hell with it – car rule!

Lorries driving into London told not to make any left turns to make roads safer

Between 2008 and 2012 lorries were involved in 53 per cent of London cyclist deaths Transport for London is today implementing the first part of a new programme to make lorries that travel on the capital’s streets safer.


The Crystal Palace International Film Festival is screening its Best of Horror and SciFi night at the Stanley Halls, South Norwood, on September 19. Tickets are only £10.

Visit Crossrail in progress

Tickets go on sale tomorrow to visit Crossrail building sites at Liverpool Street, Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road, Pudding Mill Lane, and Custom House.

Crap development

The new Barratt home development in Enderby Wharf has a slight problem: it’s not hooked up to the sewerage. Every other day a truck comes to suck away the poo.

Searching for Spitman

For ten years, young men on West London council estates ‘have been meeting a person known as Spitman. Gathering in stairwells they’ll meet him and take their turn. All in exchange for cash. Is Spitman taking advantage of the boys? Are they taking advantage of him? This is a strange story that gets stranger the deeper you get.’


Starting 1 September, you can hammer whilst getting hammered at a new bar in Dalston

The Wieners
Friday, 05 Feb (8:00 PM)

Winning Post

Mykal Rose
Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

The Jazz Cafe

Jason Derülo
Friday, 05 Feb (6:30 PM)

The O2 Arena

The Pooh Sticks
Friday, 05 Feb (7:30 PM)

100 Club

Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

Retro Game Base

Don Kipper
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)

Green Note

Michael Rother
Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

Under the Bridge

Michael Rother
Friday, 05 Feb (8:00 PM)

Under the Bridge

Chantel McGregor
Friday, 05 Feb (7:30 PM)

Dorking Hall

Skunk Anansie
Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

O2 Forum Kentish Town

Coffin Dodgers Disco
Friday, 05 Feb (10:00 PM)


MNDSGN, Ivan Ave
Friday, 05 Feb (7:30 PM)


Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)

St Edith Hall, Kemsing

Mark Lyken
Friday, 05 Feb (7:30 PM)

Kings Place

NORTH OF X (Sisi Lu)
Friday, 05 Feb (9:00 PM)

Kings Place

Aly, Aly & Fila
Friday, 05 Feb (10:30 PM)

Ministry of Sound

Bakermat, Circus
Friday, 05 Feb (10:00 PM)

Electric Brixton

Scritti Politti
Friday, 05 Feb (7:30 PM)


Kris Pohlmann Band
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)

The Boom Boom Club

Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)


DJ INKO, Dat Brass
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)


Anne Frankenstein
Friday, 05 Feb (9:00 PM)

Sebright Arms

Philco Fiction
Friday, 05 Feb (10:00 PM)


Barbarella's Bang Bang
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)


For Apollo, Tony Bowen
Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

The Borderline

Alxndr London
Friday, 05 Feb (7:00 PM)

The Old Blue Last

Billie Ray Martin
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)

Unknown venue

Friday, 05 Feb (8:00 PM)

Lift 574

Vienna Ditto
Friday, 05 Feb (12:00 AM)

The Bird's Nest



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